"Nature and the rituals of Gesture"

My research is about the relation between gesture and nature, crossing with Zen practice and its philosophic concepts. It explores how symbols of nature have been used in relation to Chinese/Japanese writing systems and pictograms. The work expresses simplicity in the exploration of the line and involves a ritual process, that is part of the work itself, following specific exercises and preparation, where everything has to be in place. The materials used such as ink, brush and paper and the way the ink is prepared are part of this ritual. the aim is to explores gestures and movements through the brushwork, to discover how the energy is released and to investigate the way mind and body relate in order to find a natural harmony.

Some tools (I make my own brush holder,stands and brush):



this brush is made with human hair (my own)

Preparation process:



Few details of experimental work:




The use of sketchbook supported the research into exploring and evaluating the work. See some examples below: