University Lecturer Liborio Curione wrote a review on Monika's work

(Accademia di Belle Arti, Catania, Italy)

The artwork contains elements which represent our way to be and the way to feel the world around us. It is made of space, formal structures and not, colour, drawing. These instruments, which are not the artwork but they are part of it, have the necessity to make the intellectual need of the artist visible.

In Monica Cilmi's work the intellectual synthesis is created through the presence of the line/gesture. It does not necessarily represent something, is not used as a parametrical area of a formal object, but it exist by "itself". It is strongly and deeply in the space, becoming "sign/presence" which presents inexhaustible secrets of synthesis. It is not a medium of expression anymore, not a medium to reach a wanted goal. It is an expression by itself, alive like life itself, her life. A real philosophic need that gives strength and dynamism to the art of "Drawing". The gesture does not lie. It spontaneously possesses strength of thing with it, gives life to a reality that belongs to her and she can only explain it this way. Monika presents this sensitivity not only in the "line" but also in other material she uses in her research. Surface, ink, structures, emphasize the presence of another reality. It is possible to have the impression of being part of the work, to be in the work ourselves, live inside it and follow the physical gesture which allowed its realization.

Prof. Liborio Curione